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Hernando County Real Estate Agent Chris Frantz of Exit Success Realty. Looking for a home or selling you home in Hernando County Florida. Are you confused and overwhelmed by real estate terms and words? Every person working in real estate or planning to buy or sell real estate can benefit by using my real estate glossary. This glossary of real estate terms is one for your use. Please use this as a resource to become comfortable with real estate terms.

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Wainscoting - Wood paneling, tongue and groove boards or similar material installed between a baseboard and a chair rail.

Walk-out basement - A feature that allows a door to open onto ground level.  

Walk-through - A buyer's final inspection of the home to determine if conditions in the purchase agreement have been satisfied.  

Warehousing - A term used in financing to describe the process which loan correspondents employ, assembling into one package a number of mortgage loans which the correspondent has originated and selling them in the secondary mortgage market.

Warranty deed - A deed in which the grantor fully warrants good clear title to the premises. Also called a general warranty deed.

Waste - An improper use or abuse of property by one in possession of land, who holds less than the fee ownership, such as a tenant, life tenant, mortgagor, or vendee.

Wear and tear - The gradual physical deterioration of property, resulting from use, passage of time and weather. Only property subject to wear and tear is depreciable.

Wetlands - Watery areas such as swamps, marshes and floodplains.

Wild deed - An improperly recorded deed.

Will - The most basic legal document outlining the disposition of a person's estate in the event of death.

Window light - An individual pane of glass.

Window seat - A bench built under an interior window.

Window well  - A curved, corrugated steel insert used to isolate basement windows from moisture if they're below the soil line.

Window well covers - Curved plastic covers designed to be installed on top of a window well to cover the opening.

Year-to-year tenancy - A periodic tenancy in which the rent is reserved from year to year.

Yield - The return on an investment or the amount of profit, stated as a percentage of the amount invested.

Zero-lot lines - Houses built without space between them and with little or no yard.

Zoning - Regulations that control the use of land within a jurisdiction..

Zoning - The regulation of structures and uses of property within designated districts or zones. Zoning regulates and affects such things as use of the land, types of structure permitted, building heights, setbacks, and density (the ratio of land area to improvement area).

Zoning variance - A onetime modification of existing zoning law. time modification of existing zoning law.


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